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Introducing AI-powered Clinical Notes API for Telehealth

Clinical notes drafts in SOAP, DAP, and other formats, generated by a HIPAA-compliant Large Language Model Authors: Kwindla Hultman Kramer, Nina Kuruvilla, Corey Hobbs Originally posted on the Daily blog At Daily we provide global infrastructure and developer SDKs for...

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A Roadmap for Evaluating Care-at-Home Programs

Blog Contributed By Best Buy Health As more healthcare moves into patients' homes, it's becoming increasingly important to define, measure, and evaluate these programs. Dr. Juliana Pugmire, Senior Research Scientist at Current Health, a Best Buy Health company,...

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Child Psychologist Turned Doctorpreneur

By Dr. Cierra Gromoff I often get asked how I came up with the idea of Kismet Health. I like to say that it’s truly been a lifelong journey. As a Native Alaskan, I was born on a small island in the Aleutian Chain called St. Paul Island. In order to get medical care,...

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