Thought Leader Interviews

Watch exclusive interviews with thought leaders across telehealth and virtual care supporting Telehealth Awareness Week.

Current Health, a Best Buy Health company

Christopher McCann, CEO, Current Health, a Best Buy Health Company, discusses the many advantages of hospital-at-home programs.

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Nima Mowzoon, MD, CEO, TeleSpecialists, reviews how telehealth services can help improve access to quality care for stroke patients.

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David Rhew, MD, Global CMO and VP of Healthcare, Microsoft, discusses how telehealth technology can help address barriers impacting the delivery of healthcare services to diverse patient populations.

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Shawn Griffin, MD, CEO, URAC, shares how telehealth helps expand access to quality care, including behavioral health services, for members of rural and underserved communities.
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Andor Health

Noel Khirsukhani, Chief Growth Officer, Andor Health, highlights how new telehealth innovations can help optimize clinical workflows while guiding patients to appropriate care.
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