Home and Community Telehealth: When Patient Care is About More Than Just the Numbers

Many providers are realizing the value telehealth brings to patient care in the home. Home health care and hospice, physicians, behavioral health specialists, Federally Qualified Health and Rural Health Centers, among others, are integrating forms of telehealth such as video visits and biometric monitoring with standard in person or “face to face” visits in a care model called “hybrid” care.

Home and Community Telehealth Co-chairs, Kathy Duckett, MSN and Alexis Silver, MBA explain the value of providing telehealth in the home or place of residence through individualized care and education; using the mind-body connection to improve health literacy, support medication adherence and reinforce healthy behaviors, improving health outcomes and maintaining or improving levels of patient satisfaction.


  • Lexi Silver, President, Alexis Silver Consulting, and Chair, Home & Community Telehealth SIG
  • Kathy Duckett, Director of Advanced Care at Home, Home Health Foundation, and Vice Chair, Home & Community Telehealth

This webinar is hosted by the ATA Home & Community Health Special Interest Group. Originally aired on September 21, 2022 at 11am-12pm ET.