Special Report! The ATA’s Advisory Group on Using Telehealth to Eliminate Disparities and Inequities: How Digital Infrastructure Interacts with Life Expectancy

This webinar provides an analysis on the correlation between life expectancy (as a proxy for health outcomes) against internet connectivity. The goal is to provide a pragmatic set of insights to regulators, legislators, healthcare executives, and clinicians to target and prioritize areas of greatest need (defined by low connectivity and low life expectancy) and using the ATA’s Framework for Eliminating Health Disparities Using Telehealth, create an approach that leverages one of several elements that must be addressed to eliminate disparities.


  • Yasmine Winkler, Director, GEHA Health; Co-chair, ATA Advisory Group
  • Krisda Chaiyachati, MD, Physician Lead for Value-based Care and Innovation at Verily Health Platforms
  • David Smith, Founder & CEO, Third Horizon Strategies (moderator)

Originally aired on September 20, 2022 at 1-2pm ET.